Star Stuff Artwork

This artwork is available in a BLACK FLOAT FRAME.

The artwork titled “Star Stuff” or “Sedona’s Bell Rock” has a three-dimensional appearance that is maintained even when viewed on a screen. Some people have even come closer to the canvas to check if it is embossed in the original. This Star Stuff artwork is available as either a canvas or metal print.

Star Stuff: A Heartfelt Connection

Often, people ask why I paint hearts in my art. It’s a way of me putting a universal ” love ” symbol into the painting. I find that collectors of my work respond to this symbol of “love” and tell me so. I believe it naturally creates a heart-to-heart connection to which we all aspire.

Feeling Fortunate to Experience Musical Magic

I had the privilege of attending a mesmerizing concert at Piano Haven’s concert series in Sedona, AZ, where I was fortunate enough to listen to the enchanting flute music of Sherry Finzer. As I sat in the audience, I couldn’t help but feel lucky to be immersed in the spellbinding melodies that filled the air.

Sherry Finzer’s flute music transported me to another realm, where time seemed to stand still and worries melted away. Each note resonated with emotion and depth, weaving a tapestry of sound that stirred the soul and touched the heart.

If you’re seeking a moment of tranquility and inspiration, I highly recommend taking a listen for yourself. Let the wonderous flute music of Sherry Finzer carry you away on a journey of musical magic and discovery.

Wondrous and Mysterious

The concept of “star stuff” has captivated people worldwide, inspiring scientific research, poetry, and art. Moreover, it has fostered a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things and the wondrous, mysterious nature of the universe we inhabit.

Ready to infuse your space with mesmerizing color and intrigue? Dive into the enchanting realm of my mystical landscapes by starting with “Star Stuff!

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Star Stuff
Star Stuff Artwork
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