Art Formats

Discover the versatility of my creations with various formats to suit your preferences.


 The canvas giclée art format, or canvas print, is a high-quality fine art reproduction made using wide-format inkjet printers with 10 color cartridges.

The term “giclée” comes from the French word for “spray,” which describes the application of ink on canvas.

Canvas Gallery Wrap

This technology involves printing the image on premium canvas and stretching it over a wooden frame, creating a three-dimensional appearance similar to the Original artwork.

Affordable High-Quality Reproductions

Collectors often opt for this art format for canvas prints due to their affordability, durability, and resistance to fading.

These high-quality reproductions showcase the texture and color of the Original artwork, making them an attractive art format option for displaying art in homes or offices.

tequila sunrise
Tequila Sunrise by Clark Sheppard
Canvas gallery black wrap

Luxurious Float-Frame

Indulge in opulence with our wooden Luxurious Float-Frames, where your artwork takes center stage, seemingly suspended within a 3/8″ border, as showcased here.

Art formats
The artwork floats in the center of the frame with a 3/8″ border around it. As seen here.

Luminous Metal Prints

Metal prints are versatile creations made by transferring images onto coated aluminum sheets. They provide vibrant, long-lasting prints with a sleek, modern look,

perfect for Indoor or Outdoor display. When hung, your artwork floats off the wall by ¾”, creating a luminous, contemporary, and sleek look!

Luminous Metal Prints
Luminous Metal Prints

Gift Art Photo Plaques

Elevate your appreciation game with our stunning Hand-Signed Gift Art Photo Plaques!

For thanking those who care for us!

– For watching your beloved pets or plants while you’re away.
– Showing gratitude to the caring nurses who make a difference.
– Acknowledging the kindness of your neighbors.
– Recognizing the hard work of your dedicated co-workers.
– Thanking the selfless volunteers who give their time.
– Celebrating the bond with cherished friends.
– Honoring the guidance of mentors who inspire.
– Paying tribute to community heroes who go above and beyond.
– Bringing joy to elderly loved ones with heartfelt gestures.
– Supporting charities that make the world a better place.

Personalize your appreciation and create lasting memories today! And if you’ve experienced the magic of Sedona, our plaques offer a timeless way to keep those memories alive and vibrant.

Photo Plaques
Gift Art Photo Plaques front and hand-signed back.

Exceptional Value Giclée’s

Get exceptional value with our paper Giclée’s, featuring archival inks and paper. Each 9″ x 12″ piece comes with a harmonized printed mat,

saving you money on additional matting. Drop your Giclée into a standard-sized frame for easy and affordable display.

9x12 framed example Exceptional Value Giclee
9×12 framed example Exceptional Value Giclee


Star Stuff souvenir

Star Stuff Souvenir Exceptional Value Giclee


All options are available on these individual art pages.

Vivid Mystical Landscapes

Sedona Landscapes

Southwest Panorama Landscapes

Discover the heart and soul of Sedona’s vibrant artistic community! Amidst the stunning red rock landscape, your journey isn’t complete without a visit to The Sedona Artist Market and Gallery, where creativity knows no bounds. Delight your senses further at The Village Gallery, where local talent shines brightly. And for a cozy interlude, don’t miss CupTown Coffee House, a charming oasis in the heart of uptown Sedona. Uncover the treasures that await as you immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Sedona’s artistic scene.