Always On Vacay Artwork

 This artwork is available in a BLACK FLOAT FRAME.

The Question Is

So… are you going to the beach or returning home …. Hmmm, you decide?….

Always on Vacay

I have spent many summers of my youth and adulthood at the Jersey Shore. When there, it seems that I’m always on vacay. Visiting places like L.B.I., Point Pleasant, and Spring Lake Heights. I have always had a fondness for the sandy dunes, so I decided to paint them using my unique and mystical style. Each painting is a heartfelt creation, with my heart and soul poured into every brushstroke. In this vivid landscape, I have incorporated four hearts subtly yet meaningfully. Can you spot them?

Step into the world of “Always on Vacay” art by Sedona artist, Clark Sheppard, where every piece captures the essence of vibrant landscapes and mystical settings. Immerse yourself in vivid landscape art, where the skies come alive with glowing, distinctively patterned hues that transport you to another realm. Each artwork boasts brilliant, vibrant colors that evoke a sense of awe and wonder. From the Jersey Shore to Sedona’s breathtaking vistas, experience the extraordinary and mystical through every brushstroke. Discover the captivating allure of these exceptional pieces, where every glance transports you to a perpetual vacation state of mind of Always On Vacay.

Vivid Mystical Artwork

My mystical landscapes are the perfect choice if you want to add color and intrigue to your space with this Always on Vacay

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always on vacay
Always On Vacay Artwork
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