How to Hang Art & Where


So you’ve finally chosen my unique artwork. Now, all that’s left is figuring out where and how to hang your art in a beautiful place, which may initially seem precarious. 

When it comes to the placement of your wall art, there are two main things to consider: the size of the piece and the best height to hang it. First, you’ll want your wall art to complement the space, meaning it should be appropriately sized for your chosen spot. 

As a general rule of thumb, your wall art should take up 50-75% of the available wall space. This means a big piece is usually needed to fill an ample space, such as above the couch, headboard, or fireplace. Otherwise, your artwork will look out of place.

If you have a smaller piece, you can place it where there is less available wall space, lean it on a shelf, or even pair it with other pieces to create an eye-catching gallery wall.  For the most aesthetically pleasing decor, you should aim to have the center of your artwork roughly at eye level. While this may sound a bit discretionary since heights vary,

It is approximately 57 -62 inches off the floor to the center of the mage, which is the standard for art galleries. Also, if you’re hanging your piece above furniture, give it some room to breathe by hanging it between 6 and 12 inches above the top of the furniture.

Example of art placement

That’s it! For any questions, text or call 928-301-9268