Creekside Cathedral – Sedona’s Cathedral Rock Artwork

Original Sold to a Chinese Collector ~ See Print Options below.

This artwork is offered in 2 formats, traditional and panoramic; BLACK FLOAT FRAME is available.

Warner Bros. Choose Creekside Cathedral

It’s quite remarkable that Warner Bros. selected “Creekside Cathedral,” my whimsical landscape painting featuring a Sedona Vortex, for their 2016 media series “Snatchers.” This unexpected choice added a surreal twist to the horror-comedy narrative, where high schooler Sara finds herself pregnant with an alien baby. Alongside her ex-best friend Hayley, they embark on a thrilling adventure to combat the extraterrestrial threat and save the world. The juxtaposition of the serene Sedona landscape with the outrageous storyline of “Snatchers” created a captivating visual contrast, highlighting the versatility and universal appeal of my artwork.

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Creekside Cathedral
Creekside Cathedral – Sedona’s Cathedral Rock Artwork
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