What is a Giclee

What is a giclee, also known as canvas giclée or canvas prints, is a type of fine art printing that uses high-quality wide-format inkjet printers (10 cartridges)to produce

museum-quality reproductions of original artwork. The term ” giclée ” (pronounced zhee-clay) comes from the French word for “spray” and refers to the way the ink is applied to the canvas.

Giclée Technology

Canvas giclée prints are made by printing the image onto high-quality canvas using a wide-format inkjet printer with 10 color cartridges. The canvas is then stretched over a wooden frame,

creating a three-dimensional look closely resembling the original artwork. The result is a high-quality reproduction that captures the texture and color of the original artwork.

More Affordable

Collectors often choose canvas prints as an affordable and durable way to display fine art, which also resists fading and damage over time.

High-Quality Reproductions

A beautiful and long-lasting way to display art in your home or office image shown is Tequila Sunrise 

on canvas gallery wrap or with a black wood float-frame. The artwork floats with a 3/8″ border around it.

“Whether you prefer a Canvas Gallery Wrap, a luxurious float-frame,

or a Luminous metal print; all options are available on the individual art pages.”


tequila sunrise
Tequila Sunrise by Clark Sheppard
Canvas gallery black wrap


















Black Wood Float-Frame

The artwork floats with a 3/8” border around it.

Sedona's Sacred Heart & Soul with float-frame
Corner Sedona’s Sacred Heart & Soul with float-frame   

Sedona's Sacred Heart & Soul with float-frame


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