Sweet Dreams Artwork

Original Sold to a Chinese Collector; see Print Options below.

This artwork is available in a BLACK FLOAT FRAME.

Sweet Dreams

In the heart of Sedona, amidst the crimson canyons and azure skies, lies a haven of artistic expression. Here, “Sweet Dreams” emerges as my masterpiece, a testament to the vibrant spirit of this desert oasis. The canvas bursts with hues that dance and intertwine, creating a symphony of color that captures the essence of the Sedona landscape.

This modern abstract is my celebration of the region’s rich palette, with each brushstroke echoing the vivid landscapes surrounding me. My hand has woven a tapestry of hues, from the brilliant golds of the sun-kissed mesas to the glowing purples of the twilight sky.

As you gaze upon “Sweet Dreams,” I invite you to be transported to a realm where time stands still and the boundaries between reality and dreams blur. The mystical aura of the artwork beckons you to explore its depths, to lose yourself in its enchanting embrace.

In this world of bright enchantment, Sedona’s essence is distilled into a single canvas. “Sweet Dreams” is more than just a painting—it is a portal to a realm where the colors are as vibrant as the landscape, and dreams take flight on the wings of imagination.

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Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams Artwork
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