Cathedral Moon Artwork

This artwork Cathedral Moon is offered in 2 formats, traditional and panoramic; BLACK FLOAT FRAME is available.

Cathedral Moon

Step into a realm where the celestial and the earthly converge, where the iconic silhouette of Sedona’s Cathedral Rock is adorned with the moon’s luminous glow. Inspired by a request from one of my cherished patrons, I embarked on a journey to infuse new life into the beloved masterpiece, “Creekside Cathedral.” Experience the magic of Cathedral Moon as it illuminates the darkness and kindles a sense of awe within your soul. Let its radiant glow serve as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that await when we dare to dream and create.

Warner Bros.

I was fortunate to have the original “Creekside Cathedral,” a contemporary Southwest Sedona landscape painting, selected by Warner Bros. for their media series “Snatchers.” It was an honor as a Sedona artist to have them choose this image, showcasing Creekside Cathedral against the backdrop of an azure blue sky with its flowing waters amidst the Sedona landscape. This captivating image is also available as a panorama on canvas and metal, allowing you to bring the beauty of Sedona into your own space.

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Cathedral Moon
Cathedral Moon Artwork
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