“Exceptional Value Art”

Each Giclée is individually Hand-Signed  by Clark. These 9×12 are a GREAT way to sample my Vivid, Mystical Landscapes of Sedona, the Grand Canyon, and the Southwest. As an added bonus, I’ll include a Sedona 3×5 refrigerator postcard magnet ($13) for free with any 9×12 Giclée:

So don’t order it separately; it will be included with  ANY  9×12 Giclée. 

Only archival inks/paper are used. These 9″ x 12’s” arrive with a harmonized printed matt, so you don’t have to pick out a colored matt for yourself and spend more money. All you have to do is drop your Giclée into a standard frame, as seen in this example of “Tequila Sunrise.”


Sedona 3×5 Refrigerator Post Card Magnet

Star Suff Exceptional Value Giclée

Choose your Exceptional Value Giclée from the links below:

Vivid, Mystical Art Landscapes

Sedona Landscapes

Southwest Panorama Landscapes


Sedona Artist, Clark Sheppard
Vivid, Mystical Landscapes